Colorado Elder Care Solutions

1.  Socially Withdrawn

Mom has not been engaging in her friendships, she previously pursued. When I visit, she is lying on the couch and doesn’t talk about wanting to visit with her friends.

2.  Diminished Activities of Daily Living

The home seems to be darker, the curtains are pulled and things are piling up on the counters and tabletops. She appears to be losing weight and I suspect that she is not showering regularly.

3.  Inability to Manage Finances

The bills are not being paid and checks have been found not cashed. She isn’t keeping her ledger as she had been. She claims to be fine but it isn’t like her to forget to pay her bills.

4.  Care Giver Fatigue

Dad and mom have always gotten along well but lately he is having a hard time with Mom’s emotional outbursts. Mom doesn’t recognize this and suspects people are trying to steal from them.

5.  Forgetfulness

Mom has forgotten to go to the last few doctor appointments. When asked, Mom says it isn’t important because she is going to make an appointment this week and this is better because…

Most calls for help come when one or more of these situations occur. We understand these symptoms and develop customized care plans to ensure each client gets the support needed to enjoy the highest quality of life.

Warning Signs of Risk

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