Colorado Elder Care Solutions

Caregivers assist with all activities of daily living. This support includes supervision of medication, meals, transportation and social events. As a smaller company, it is our priority to meet the ever changing needs of our clients 24 hrs a day.

Home Care Services

We know that a satisfying relationship between a client and caregiver depends on chemistry and competence. To promote satisfaction, we match the client’s needs as follows:

1.  Initial Assessment

     -  Identify Physical and Emotional Needs

     -  Assemble List of Potential Caregivers

2.  Match Client with Caregiver

     -  Introduce Potential Caregiver to Client

     -  Discuss with Client, Family and/or Fiduciary How

        Well Caregiver Fits with Client

3.  Initiate Home Care Services

     -  Caregiver Service and Schedule is Approved

     -  Caregiver Begins Service

NOTE: All In-Home Caregivers are:

    -  Bonded

    -  Pass a Criminal Background Check

    -  Trained in Dementia Care

    -  Receive Continuing Education

home care giver at work
home care giver at work