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We understand that you have questions and concerns about the care your family member is receiving. These are some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have asked when considering a care management provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Care Management?

Care Management is the process in which a skilled professional completes an assessment and develops a care plan to guide in the support services of an individual. The care plan identifies individual strengths and needs in the areas of general health, mental and emotional well being, nutrition, and environment. Safety is a key area of focus while ensuring dignity and quality of life.

2.  When is Care Management Needed?

When a person is incapable of recognizing and or meeting their own care needs, Care Management is the solution. This includes occasions when family or other fiduciaries need someone to help coordinate care between physicians, specialists, and day-to-day activities. Care managers are able to enhance quality of life by recognizing needs and creating an effective plan of action.

3.  How can a Care Manager Help my Family?

Members of the same family often perceive healthcare decisions differently.
The Care Manager supports the family in becoming a cohesive group so
that, together, they can all work to promote the client's overall wellbeing.
The Care Manager has knowledge of community services, as well as insight
about what support services will best meet the needs of the client. This
proactive approach reduces the stress associated with complex health and
care decisions.

4.  Why Choose a Nurse Care Manager?

Care Managers attempt to ensure the highest quality of care for
their clients. Registered Nurse Care Managers are trained to
identify the client's changing health conditions and communicate
findings to the physician. Early detection of the more subtle
health changes can allow physicians to take action before
hospitalization is required. Nurse Care Managers can minimize
negative side effects to medication through routine medication


care giver at work
care giver at work