Colorado Elder Care Solutions

Each new client is assessed to determine the type of care plan that will enhance and sustain their highest quality of life. We ensure the most reliable care management by adhering to a three step process including:

1.  In-Home Assessment

     -  Physical Health

     -  Medication Review

     -  Dementia Screening

     -  Environmental Needs

2.  Care Management Plan

     -  Analyze In-Home Assessment Results

     -  Develop Recommended Care Plan

     -  Discuss Care Plan with Client, Family and/or Fiduciary

     -  Finalize Care Plan

3.  Implement Care Plan

     -  Coordinate with Medical Team

     -  Modify Environment as Needed

     -  On-going Assessment

     -  Monthly Reports in Response to Care Plan

Karen Buchanan working with a client

We develop customized care plans to support the individual integrity of each of our clients. Our continuity of care between physicians, therapists and specialists ensures each client’s specific needs are met and are modified as needed. This promotes better health monitoring.

Care Management

care giver at work